We Go Beyond IT

Helping clients build, protect, and manage their software.

Plethora of Cloud Services

Cloud Storage

24/7 Cloud storage that allows BYOD (Bring your own device) implementation and a flexible back-end that can adapt to any business model. Our cloud servers are secured and encrypted with the industries latest technology. We serve every sector


Cloud Network security designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. Ability to send mass alerts to every electronic that a data breach has taken place. Also including Endpoint security for every electronic device or POS system.

Cloud Based SAAS

We specialize in the emerging market of software as a service application. We understand the basis of great customer service and we offer technical advice + support for any SAAS project in any niche. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Secure, Safe, and Fast

Our service is fast and incredibly cheap. We are the most sought-after IT consultant in our field as of 2017. Our goal is to have the best customer service and no matter the complaint we will work hard to give you the best experience.


If your IT support is predictable then you know what you get on Friday is what you’ll get on Monday.


Availability means that all your systems will be connected and working at all times.


Sustaining your infrastructure by selecting he right products for your company.

BlackCert - The IT Solution for your business

Our purpose is to help people succeed through technology.

Our Specialization

Accelerate your business growth and boost efficiency from day one with fast and effective 24/7 IT support and technology solutions

We genuinely care about our customers and take our service and performance very seriously. Providing technology solutions means more than just offering technology products; at BlackCert we include a services portfolio designed to provide you with optimum performance throughout the IT lifecycle.We treat our clients as partners and friends. We know that your success is our success, and we want to help you reach your highest goals. We are looking for long-term relationships where both parties are investing in and benefiting from the outcome.At BlackCert , it’s all about the growth and success of our clients, our friends.

We’re focused on not just fixing your IT problems, but on helping you achieve your business goals

whether that is to grow your business, increase efficiency, or reduce risk.