Cloud operation management is the process concerned with designing, overseeing, controlling, and subsequently redesigning cloud operational processes within a business.

At Blackcert, we aim to ensure that your cloud operations are as efficient as possible in terms of resources, as well as service and compliance requirements. To this end, we manage both the hardware and software components of your business, monitoring performance and tweaking where necessary to ensure that your businesses cloud operations are as efficient as possible so that your business is as productive as possible.

So why move over to a cloud solution? There are numerous benefits of moving some of your IT services over to Cloud. We will help you simplify available options and ensure a trouble-free journey. The potential business benefits of moving all or part of your IT to the Cloud are fairly widely known:

  • Lower costs
  • Better efficiencies
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability (up or down)
  • Enhanced mobility

There are a number of concerns that people voice about Cloud. We’ll work with you to address these. Most are misconceptions about the complexity and security of cloud operations, which we will explain in detail to put your mind at ease. We’ll ensure that you have the right Cloud solution for your needs, and that we address all of the following:

  • The complexity and number of options available
  • The reliability of Cloud services
  • Security, and making sure that your company data is safe, so access is limited to the right people
  • Everything works in harmony with your existing ICT systems
  • Any compliance issues

We always look make the complex simple, and can articulate clearly and straightforwardly the options you have available to you and which cloud model best meets your need. With data becoming more and more valuable to a business, people forget it can also be a liability. Our approach ensures you make the right decision, factor all considerations from business case and cost justification, to risk mitigation and security considerations. No stone is left unturned as we seek the right solution for you.