Hiring a dedicated IT department can be expensive

you need to ensure that you have the right combination of specialists to successfully manage your business needs, which can be difficult.Blackcert offers a solution to this tricky situation. A full service IT solution, which offers your business multiple specialists to cover any IT issues that may arise.Some of the services we’re able to offer our clients include:

Performance Monitoring

Keeping track of your computers and ensuring that they’re running optimally.

Infrastructure Management

Our infrastructure management service ensures all your systems and applications, whether on-premise, hosted, or cloud-based, are configured for the best possible performance.

End User Compute

The workplace is constantly evolving, and it has become vitally important to support our users and ensure they are able to access their applications, services and data from any device, in any location, around the clock. By implementing the right end user strategy, the business benefit outweighs the investment tenfold as user productivity increases, user responsiveness grows, user well-being is enhanced and cost savings are achieved promptly.

Service Integration and Management

Managing multiple supplier relationships across your IT estate is a significant draw on management resource in addition to requiring substantial technical expertise. Outsourcing Service Integration and Management to Blackcert distils your responsibility down to maintaining a single relationship and provides you with instant access to invaluable management information about suppliers, resources and usage.