Endpoint security management is a policy-based approach to network security that requires endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources. Endpoints can include PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and specialized equipment such as bar code readers or point of sale (POS) terminals.

Insisting that each device complies with your security criteria safeguards your network against potential threats that may have been lurking on these devices. Antivirus software, access control and firewalls are some examples of endpoint security that we recommend, but there are a multitude of tools and tricks to protect devices from threats in both the digital and real worlds.

At Blackcert, we hold an arsenal of endpoint security processes that will effectively protect your network from unwelcomed access and malicious viruses - things that could devastate your business if allowed access to your network.

Contact us today for a tailored endpoint security solution. We will analyze your network, identify weak spots and create a solution which bolsters them and increases your overall security. Rest assured that your network is safe with Blackcert.